We plant excellence and innovation, and harvest clean, green and renewable energy.


Derived from sugarcane, we produce one of the cleanest and most self-sustainable fuels used in Brazil, which is also globally renowned. We work with two types, anhydrous ethanol and hydrated ethanol. These processes take place across our three units.


Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we are involved in every step of sugarcane cultivation – from soil preparation, planting, and soil quality control, to harvesting, milling, and crystallization of the raw material, all the way through storage, commercialization, and transportation.

The result is what we call raw sugar, most of which is exported to be refined in other countries or used as an industrial input. Currently, this process is concentrated at the Vale do Paraná Unit.


With the aim of fully utilizing everything we produce, we use sugarcane bagasse for conversion into biomass, a completely clean and renewable energy source. The residue undergoes burning, vaporization, and pressurization, all without the use of any fossil fuels. This process is implemented across our three facilities.

Three units, lots of work to drive growth in Brazil.

Unit 1

Founded in 1981 and located in the municipality of Jussara, Paraná, this unit produces anhydrous ethanol, hydrated ethanol and electricity.

Unit 2
Nova Londrina:

Acquired in 2012 and located in the municipality of Nova Londrina, Paraná, this unit produces hydrous ethanol and also exports electricity.

Unit 3
Vale do Paraná:

Acquired by CMNP in 2022 and located in the municipality of Suzanápolis, São Paulo, this unit produces raw crystal sugar (VHP), anhydrous ethanol, hydrated ethanol and electricity.
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